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    Suzette @ Esplanade – The Picnic Basket Concept

    If you have heard about Lola’s Cafe, then I’m sure you will want to know more about this new Dessert Bar at Esplanade. The owner of Lola’s Cafe opened a new Dessert Bar named Suzette. Conveniently located at Esplanade, this dessert bar offers a wide scrumptious of desserts and savory menus that are all so heavenly. Yet, Suzette is not like any other ordinary cafes or dessert bars. Starting from 5th November 2016, you could rent a picnic basket and a mat with a deposit of $50 to go for a picnic! How unconventional right? I got to have a wonderful picnic experience with their new picnic concept. I love the idea…

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    The Rotisserie @ Suntec City Mall

    I recently went to Suntec City Mall to try out ‘The Rotisserie‘. These are one of the most popular dishes on the menu, Roasted Chicken (half), Pork Knuckle, and Black Angus Beef Burger. Yet, since I can’t take in beef, I will not comment about it.  The portions were generously and I certainly couldn’t finish either of a whole plate. My main course was Pork Knuckle. Honestly, I personally feel that the meat was too red, and can be further improved. However, the Roasted Chicken was surprisingly amazing! Well roasted skin on the outside with tender moist meat on the inside However, the Roasted Chicken was surprisingly amazing! Welled roasted skin…