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    Your Ideal 5D4N Itinerary To Hong Kong & Macau

    – Day 1 – Earlier this year, my family and I went to Macau and Hong Kong for 5 days 4 nights. On the first day, we went directly to Macau for a night at The Venetian Macao. It is better for you to travel to Macau first before exploring Hong Kong as you tend to buy more stuff in Hong Kong. It will be a hassle if you move about with a full luggage. I’m surprised! Quite a lot of people everywhere in the hotel. Couldn’t get a clear shot of the lobby.  Love my boots from Ecco. Pretty! Felt so shag cause not only we had to travel from…

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    Perfect Fluffy Pancakes

    Delightful light and fluffy Pancakes. So perfect! This recipe is a little unconventional. I separated egg yolk and egg white and whisked the egg white with sugar until stiff peaks. This actually helps the pancakes to be light and fluffy. Picture perfect. I actually like to go with a slab of Butter,  drizzle of Maple Syrup, some Berries and a dollop of Greek Yogurt. But, in this case, I did not use any Greek Yogurt for photoshoot wise. Pancakes for you?