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    Chirstmas Tree In a Pot – Christmas Cookie

    Christmas is around the corner! For this year 2014, I will show you guys how to make these cute little Christmas Tree In a Pot sugar cookies that will sure to impress everyone. It is also great to be wrapped as a Christmas gift! Just a warning, these little cookies comes with a price of your time even though they are fairly easy to make, it is very time consuming. Make sure you have the time! There are 3 parts for this recipe, Christmas tree cookie, royal icing and pot cookie. So make sure you organize the time yourself for this recipe to make sure things are going along smoothly! Don’t worry,…

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    Prom Night 2014

    So it’s my graduating year this 2014. My peers and I were looking forward for our Prom Night. Excitedly yet to be honest, I was not really that prepared for it at all.  😕  All my peers were eagerly preparing, spending a few hundred bucks on clothes for that one and only night. I was envious but at the same time lazy, and tried to be ‘cost-efficient’ so I did not buying anything. I feel that my size is going to change in future anyway, it will be a waste of money to buy something that I am going to wear once. Hahahas… Initially, I wanted to buy a blazer…

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    Thai Basil Rice – Thai Vegetarian

    Nobody is going to believe me that this is vegetarian. This vegetarian Thai Basil Rice has all the essentials of a normal pork Thai basil rice that makes it so real. Lots of garlic and onion are added to simulate our tongue to make it taste ‘meaty’. And once you freeze and thaw your Tawkua (Firm tofu), the whole texture will change. It will be slightly chewier and you will have to squeeze the water out, so that later your ‘meat’ will not be soggy. Sure you can go ahead and use a normal Tawkua, but if you have the time to freeze it. Why not?