Prom Night 2014

So it’s my graduating year this 2014.

My peers and I were looking forward for our Prom Night. Excitedly yet to be honest, I was not really that prepared for it at all.  😕 

All my peers were eagerly preparing, spending a few hundred bucks on clothes for that one and only night. I was envious but at the same time lazy, and tried to be ‘cost-efficient’ so I did not buying anything. I feel that my size is going to change in future anyway, it will be a waste of money to buy something that I am going to wear once. Hahahas… Initially, I wanted to buy a blazer from H&M, since it looks really good on me. However, it will cost me quite a bit so I decided not to. (not that I couldn’t LOLL)

So I was so unprepared for prom night,

but luckily, I was able to wear my dad’s blazer! Even though it was not as tight-fitting as I wanted it to be but problem solved. (me being cheapskate. hahahas!)

So before I share those ‘lovely’ photos of mine during my prom night, I want to say that I’ve totally ruined my hairstyle. 

Still look okay? I look awkward. Hahahas
Still look okay? I look awkward. Hahahas

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We had a lot of fun taking photos together. Come to think of it, I think everyone was taking photos non-stop the whole time!

 DSC07435-tile small editedThe food was not as great as we expected. But it was okay, nothing special.

The most unexpected thing that happened was myself being nominated for Prom King. (WTF face) When they were announcing the nominees for Prom King and Queen to get on stage, I kept saying to myself that it won’t be me and continued munching my food. The most epic moment was when I was eating halfway, I got called up on stage as a nominee. I was so astonished and looked foolish while everyone stared at me with my mouth opened filled with food.

What What??

I couldn’t believe it. I felt extremely nervous about standing on stage that it actually upset my stomach later in the day. 

everyone on stage


We had to compete with each other in various rounds to win the crowd’s attention for both King and Queen respectively. In one of the rounds, I had to dance to a random music which I really had no idea how to. (I don’t dance) The random music turned out to be ‘Nicki Minaj – Anaconda’. Hello? How do I know how to dance with that song? The only thing that came to my mind was, butts. Yes, butts. I twerked as if I am Nicki Minaj. That was the most embarrassing action I ever did in front of someone (in this case, it’s everyone). Sigh….

Me and Prom Queen

 Anyway, to cut the long story short, I became the Prom King. 


That’s pretty much everything. Prom Night 2014 ended well.


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