• Florentine Cookie Recipe with Städter Baking Pan
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    Florentine Cookie Recipe with Städter Baking Pan

    Florentine cookies are extremely easy to do, but it also highly sought after during Chinese New Year. They are sweet, and nutty, who doesn’t love it? For those who couldn’t find florentine powder (most recipes uses that), you came to the right place! I know not everyone has access to that ingredient, but so I am going to show you how you can make from scratch with a few simple ingredients that you properly should even have right now in your kitchen. I used Städter’s Florentine Baking Pan for this recipe. Each mould is nicely round with a small depression for you to spread out your nuts nicely for baking.…

  • Nutella Tarts Cookies Recipe
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    Nutella Tarts Cookies Recipe with Rowenta Gourmet Pro Oven

    Nutella fans rejoice! For this coming Chinese New Year, we are going to tackle Nutella Tart Cookies! These babies were so popular during the CB period in 2020. Many home bakers started selling these cookies and everybody on social media were talking about it. I mean, who doesn’t love Nutella, right? It ought to be outrageous. Before we start on the recipe, I would just like to quickly highlight that I made these cookies in Rowenta Gourmet Pro Oven. If you are an avid home baker (or just super aunty that knows like me), you will know that Rowenta oven is a dream for someone who wants a reliable portable…

  • 4 Flavors 1 Mini Cupcake Recipe with Städter Baking Pan
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    4 Flavors 1 Mini Cupcake Recipe with Städter Baking Pan

    Can you believe that time flew by so quickly, especially the year 2020? Looking back I felt that I spent most of my time staying home avoiding any crowd due to COVID-19. We were not allowed to go out for most leisure activities during the first half of 2020 and are still restricted to travel of out Singapore. Thankfully, I managed to visit Bali, Indonesia during the Chinese New Year with my family for a short trip. Anyway, to celebrate the arrival of 2021, this New Year, I will be sharing with you guys how to make these really pretty Mini Cupcakes! We will be making a vanilla-based cupcake, and…