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    A trip to Trick Eye Museum Singapore

    My trip to Trick Eye Museum Singapore was enjoyable! I was invited by TIN to experience Trick Eye Museum’s New Themed Zones & Interactive 4D Concept at Sentosa. I brought XS along that day as she was free. We were all so excited as it was our first time going there! Pleased to find a Merlion Boat inside the museum. Now I can ride a Merlion! Hahahaha…. Into Fantasy? Escape yourself with this Flower Ball and Beautiful Bubble Lady. Their themed art and visual were so realistic. I had a great time taking many pictures there! I got trapped by a Giant Baby. Help!! No worries. Here comes my hero to the rescue.…

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    Mocha Swiss Roll (Yule Log Cake)

    For my last Christmas recipe of this 2015, I will be sharing my Mocha Swiss Roll. A.k.a, Mocha Yule Log Cake. Impressive and so delicious. The flavor mocha has been popularized among our local bakeries. You can find all kinds of mocha desserts everyone. Range from breads (eg. Roti Papa) to cakes with cream.  Not a cake decorator? Nevermind, this swiss log (or log cake…) will be covered with lots of chopped peanuts and chocolate chips. All your flaws can now be covered. Hahaha

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    Matcha Mille Crepe Cake (抹茶ミルクレープの作り方)

    Matcha Mille Crepe Cake! This is so good! I love Matcha so much. It is so so tasty!  This is a very impressive cake, yet making Mille Crepe Cake is actually very simple. Look at those lovely layers! Layered with cream, it is very creamy and refreshing when you bite onto it. You don’t need an oven to make this, great for people who wants to bake but don’t have one. I had it when my sister got me some of these when she was in town. It was a bombed so I decided to recreate it. It is something special so I decided to put it as one of…

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    Peppermint White Chocolate Brownie (Giveaway with MiniJon)

    For my 2nd Christmas recipe this year, I will be sharing with you guys my Peppermint White Chocolate Brownie! It is always nice to have good brownies during Christmas season. I will also be collaborating with MiniJon and we will do a giveaway. So stay tuned until the end!  Dense fudgy brownie with peppermint-flavored white chocolate and candy. This is so good. Honestly, I had three of these! Yup, I don’t lie. Super super easy to make. For the brownie is all-in-one bowl method, where you just dump everything together and mix. Once baked, spread some melted white chocolate flavored with peppermint extract and sprinkle some crushed candy. The rest…