DBS FasTrack – Skip the queue at your favourite eateries

    Be smart and don’t follow hard! Skip queues during rush hour by ordering and paying ahead for meals with DBS FasTrack! DBS has worked with many restaurants like Old Tea Hut, Five Star Restaurant, and even KouFu to create their very own mobile application to save time and skip queues by providing a seamless ‘self-service’ online food ordering and cashless payments solution. Make sure to check out which restaurants have already implemented this solution so that you can order from your favorite eateries with the app easily without the hassle during lunch break! Restaurants and eateries that provide such services: Usage of this services are simple. Download the relevent mobile…

  • Kenjo Salon Scalp Treatment

    Scalp Treatment for Your Irritated Sensitive Scalp @ Kenjo Salon

    Since young, my scalp is very sensitive.  Like my mom, I have dandruff and my condition is really bad as compared to the norms. I have really huge and scary dry flakes that will fall off whenever I scratch my head.  It was really bad as sometimes my scalp would feel so irritated that it started to bleed. Sounds bad, right? I often do this to horrify my friends by showing them that snow is possible in Singapore. Hahahaha! I often do this to horrify my friends by showing them that snow is possible in Singapore. Hahahaha! One of the best way to help to my scalp is with a…

  • Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits with Pistachio cream
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    (Giveaway 3) Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits with Pistachio Cream

    I am always looking for a light quick bite for my afternoon break. These Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits with Pistachio cream are not only easy to snack on but also at the same time indulgence. Fo this giveaway, I will be collaborating with The Hunters’ Kitchenette. They are our local nut butter company that provide one of the best nut spread in Singapore. Proudly made in Singapore, they focus on using quality ingredients and sophisticated manufacture technique to meet their rigorous standards of quality. By roasting nuts at a low temperature without the need of extra vegetable oil, they are able to intensify the nutty aroma of the nuts. Truly clean eating! For…

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    Binge-watch DBS Sparks mini-series with Deliveroo

      Having a great time binge-watching DBS Sparks. At the same time, waiting for my Deliveroo order. DBS Sparks is a mini-series that follows a group of young bankers trying to go above and beyond when solving clients challenges and problems. Though the series, DBS hopes to show the true meaning of banking. Inspired by true stories, I get to see how bankers work the extra miles to help customers to achieve their dreams. You guys should totally should catch it out! Additionally, I am giving away 2 x $30 worth of Deliveroo credits. To enter this giveaway: 1. Follow @zatayayummy on Instagram 2. Comment about what inspired you after watching…

  • Hong Ray Photography
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    Portrait Shoot with Hong Ray Photography

    Last month, I had the opportunity to get my portraits shot by Hong Ray. Hong Ray is a photographer that enjoys his job as photography is his passion. He is a great guy and also very professional in his field as I was able to be comfortable instantly. Let me be very honest with you guys, I can’t pull off those very macho looks at all. But, what I can was to portray my very own identity. Hong Ray was to identify what I am suitable and bring out the very best of me! I don’t feel pressured at all and was able to do my job well. When you are looking…