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    Hearty Pandan Waffles – Singapore-Style (Gluten Free)

      I love waffles. I often remember when I was young I used to buy pandan waffles nearby my house at a local bakery store. They are deliciously sandwiched with some jam or spread and one of my favorite was blueberry , although now I like nutella and cheese.  I decided that I would want to create a recipe that is resemble to what I had when I was young but yet still deliciously hearty. This recipe is gluten-free, packs full of fibre and high in nutritional value from the oats. Also, no want will will know that there’s spinach inside!  I used my new waffle maker and it will make 2…

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    French Toast Hong Kong-style (港式 西多士)

    I would always order french toast when I visit a Hong Kong cafe. I love the fluffiness of the bread that has been fried with egg sandwiched with thick layer of peanut butter and drizzled with condensed milk. In my version however, I like to add some mozzarella cheese as I like the combination of peanut butter and cheese. But you would usually get Peanut Butter or Kaya spread in Hong Kong Cafes. I also used maple syrup but you can use condensed milk or golden syrup. If you want to make those really thick layer of Hong Kong french toast that you had in their cafe, double the recipe!…

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    Nutella Marble Pound Cake

    Nutella is love, Nutella is life. Nutella is one of the best thing that was ever created on earth. I just love the combination of hazelnut and chocolate together. Instead of making a normal marble cake. Why not try making my Nutella Marble Pound cake? It’s really really very good! You will see this cake to be finished by your family and friends in just a few hours. I would usually make 2 loafs and bring one loaf to school to share with my friends (& teachers) for breakfast. With a few simple tips and tricks, people will be impress with the great marble swirl you have made. 

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    Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie – Subway Recreate

    I am serious when comes to classic chocolate chip cookie. You do know that a good cookie a day, keep the sadness away? Hahaha I’m just saying…. I really hate when those cakey and soft cookies claim themselves as the chewy cookies. I want chewy not cake-like texture! Unless I’m in a mood for it but no, chewy means chewy!  After making countless different kind of recipes, which all claims to be…. soft and chewy, are not chewy at all. So I have finally came up with my own one which I’m proud to say, soft and chewy just like the Subway’s. It’s also true that not overbaking your cookie…

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    Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

    Recently I just started on my journey to find the perfect sponge cake recipe. Not all sponge cake recipe are created equal. Some too dry, some too oily, some too hard. It took me so long to finally decide what is good and what I should do about it. A good sponge cake should have, a moist but yet dry interior (not oily), pillow soft, not eggy, fine texture and full in volume. I have realized that some recipes did not whip out the full volume of an egg, hence turned out eggy. While some did not add any fats into their cakes, resulted in unacceptably dry. This Strawberry Shortcake…

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    Gula Melaka Banana Cake

    In Singapore, we call banana cake instead of bread. It’s basically the same thing. Gula Melaka is also known as palm sugar (or coconut palm sugar to be more exact), it has a very strong aroma of its own unique smell and taste differently like normal sugar. If you couldn’t find gula melaka, you could substitute it with brown sugar. Although I have to say that, they are two different things. Brown sugar is white sugar with molasses while gula melaka taste differently depending on its region and species used but is not highly processed unlike brown sugar. This is a to-die-for banana cake. It’s so moist due to banana and the strong…