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    Salted Egg Yolk Cookies – Chinese New Year

    Who could ever image that we could use salted egg yolks and make into cookies? This unique taste has been very popular in Singapore. And I can’t believe that we have created so many different type of dishes and desserts.  For this year Chinese New Year, these cookies have been popping all over the net. I guess one of the reason why it is so hype this 2016 compared to previous year is because there’s the recent crazed about Salted Egg Yolk Croissant that surfaced near our country, JB.  Butter crumbly cookie with lovely depth of salted egg yolk flavor. Anyway, If you love this pungent flavor, be sure to give it…

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    Pandan Cookies – Chinese New Year

    Pandan cookies for this Chinese New Year. It’s the time of the year for this festive season and I want to celebrate it with the familiar aroma. These pandan cookies are easy to make, fragrant and easy to consume. You will sure lie to yourself to have just one more…  I used a wooden square mold for this recipe. If you don’t have, you could make it round by shaping it into a log or make it squarish with your hands. Do whatever you like, you can even roll out and use a cookie cutter!

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    Honey Cornflakes – Chinese New Year

    The special occasion of the year will once again come by. Chinese New Year to me, is so enjoyable not just about the people. The food is what I also really love. I will be sharing with you a super easy and fuss-free recipe. No buying of fussy ingredients, or crazily long list of recipe list to follow. Honey Cornflakes, the name says it all. Quick and simple. Family and friends love it, and very suitable for this festive occasion.   

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    50% off Domino’s Pizza Singapore 2016

    Love pizza, but lazy to make yourself one? My lovely friends, I have 50% discount codes for you guys to order Domino’s Pizza!  I love Domino’s Pizza. Not only their pizzas are so delicious, but they also have free delivery islandwide too! Moreover, a 30 minute delivery guarantee! Having a party soon? Order some Domino Pizza so that to enjoy the 50% discount now! So worthwhile, make sure you enjoy the deal! Redeem your 50% off for Large or Xtra Large pizza when you use my promo codes on the online ordering website. (www.domino.com.sg) Free delivery across islandwide! 😍😍 · Code for Large pizza: TIN06A Code for Xtra Large pizza: TIN06B…

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    Melt in the mouth Butter Cookies (Jenny Bakery’s Copycat)

    Everyone nowadays are so crazy about Jenny Bakery’s Cookies from Hong Kong! Because, it is so good! Last month, my brother went to Hong Kong for a business trip and heard about the Jenny Butter Cookies crazed.  Immediately, he went to queue for a good hour to get us some.  It was just so buttery delicious that I had to recreate it! Looking at the ingredients stated from Jenny’s cookie tin, and with the help of the internet I manage to create the perfect melt in your mouth butter cookie. Please ensure that you are using high quality butter. In Singapore, salted Golden Churn butter in a canned is considered the…