• Three Ingredients Banana Bread Recipe
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    Three Ingredients Banana Bread

    If you are new to baking and want to make something really simple, this recipe is for you! I know everybody is getting into baking and cooking during this period of the pandemic. Hence, I felt the ought to share this recipe to you guys since it only requires 3 ingredients! Yes, I was utterly impressed when I tried this recipe as I was initially very sceptical. If I must specify, please use overripen bananas! Those that are already blackened and disgusting works great for baking. Freeze and thaw, removing excess water if you can as it helps to elevate the flavour of the bananas.  

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    Sugar-free Banana Bread – Stevia

    Hello guys! Today, I will show you guys my Sugar-free Banana Bread!  I will be using grounded dried Stevia leaves instead of sugar. This is why it is a sugar-free cake! (Not to mention that this is also a wholemeal (whole wheat) cake too!) Stevia is a natural herb that is really sweet if you have never heard of it before. It has no effect on our blood sugar level which means it is diabetes-friendly and it also has no (zero) calories!  Since Stevia have been found in South America, it has been used by the Guaraní people for more than 1500 years! Not only that, Japanese have also used this herb for…

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    Gula Melaka Banana Cake

    In Singapore, we call banana cake instead of bread. It’s basically the same thing. Gula Melaka is also known as palm sugar (or coconut palm sugar to be more exact), it has a very strong aroma of its own unique smell and taste differently like normal sugar. If you couldn’t find gula melaka, you could substitute it with brown sugar. Although I have to say that, they are two different things. Brown sugar is white sugar with molasses while gula melaka taste differently depending on its region and species used but is not highly processed unlike brown sugar. This is a to-die-for banana cake. It’s so moist due to banana and the strong…