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Matcha Tiramisu 抹茶ティラミス

Matcha Tiramisu 抹茶ティラミス

I have been craving for Matcha quite often recently. Maybe, it was due to the influence of a good friend of mine, who is a big fan of Matcha. If you realized, this recipe is actually adapted from my Express Tiramisu recipe, which means it is eggless and real simple to make.

Matcha Tiramisu 抹茶ティラミス

Now Tiramisu taste best… 2 days later in the fridge. Overnight is fine, but if you keep it till the day after next, the flavours among the layers just sync together with every bite. Amazing!

My recipe is quite versatile if you can’t take alcohol, omit the rum. If you are a vegetarian, simply just omit the gelatin mixture. It’s fine. The gelatin mixture was added to stabilise the cream, helps to set it well and prevent the fats and liquid being separated over time.

Matcha Tiramisu 抹茶ティラミス

Even though I mentioned that the recipe makes for 2, it’s actually a huge portion for 2 person. You could share among 4, even 6 people as it is a very rich dessert.

Matcha Tiramisu 抹茶ティラミス

Matcha Tiramisu

Servings 6 people


Cream layer:

  • 100 gram cream cheese softened
  • 2 tsp of matcha powder
  • 1/2 cup caster sugar
  • 200 ml heavy whipping cream chilled
  • 1 tsp gelatin powder + 1 tbsp water

Biscuits layer:

  • 250 ml warm water + 4 tsp matcha powder
  • 2 tbsp of Rum
  • 12 ladyfinger biscuit
  • Matcha powder dusting


  • Beat softened cream cheese, matcha powder, caster sugar with a hand mixer until it is nicely combined.
    Meanwhile, microwave gelatine powder and water for about 20 seconds.
    Drizzle in chilled heavy whipping cream into the cream cheese mixture and whip until the mixture is thickened.
    Flavour it with some rum and vanilla extract. Continue beating until the mixture thickens back, leaving a ripple effect when it’s being mixed.
    Stir in gelatine mixture when it is cooled. Continue beating for a minute to ensure it is well distributed. Put it into the fridge for an hour.
    The mixture will be a little runny once you add the gelatine mixture but not to worry.
    Once the cream has been well chilled, whip it on high speed until it thickens back, leaving a ripple effect when it’s being mixed.
    To assemble, soak ladyfinger biscuits into coffee until saturated and arrange them neatly into a rectangular pan (approx. 13 cm by 18 cm).
    Then, pour half of the cream mixture into the pan.
    Arrange the rest of the soaked ladyfinger biscuits neatly, then drizzle the rest of the cream over.
    Cover with a lid and let it chill overnight to firm everything up together.
    Dust cocoa powder upon serving.
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Chinese Steamed Egg (蒸水蛋)


This simple yet silky dish is commonly eaten throughout most chinese households with rice. 


Yet, not all households can make this smooth and creamy silky savory custard.

What’s my secret?

IMG_9173_editedSoy milk, unsweetened. Why? I don’t know, my Aunt told me this and I do as I told. No questions asked.

The result is important! Not only it is smooth and creamy, soy milk also adds richness to the flavor. It’s like heavy cream in western dishes!

Chinese Steamed Egg (蒸水蛋)
Serves 8
Make one 8-inch round custard
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  1. 7 eggs
  2. (1 cup) 250 ml of vegetable stock
  3. (1 1/2 cup) 375 ml of unsweetened soy milk
  4. 1 tsp. of light soy sauce
  5. ½ tsp. of sesame oil
  6. Chives and sliced large chili to garnish
  1. Preheat steamer while you make your custard
  2. Whisk in all the ingredients into a large measuring jar.
  3. Transfer the egg mixture into an 8 inch round pan through a sieve.
  4. Steam it for about 20 minutes until firm to touch.
  5. You may garnish with some chives and sliced large chili. Serve this delicious savory custard with rice.
TheZongHan https://thezonghan.com/


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Healthier Egg Mayo Sandwich

IMG_0777_editedJust classic Egg Mayo Sandwich….IMG_0780_editedBut slightly healthier. Cut back some of the calories and saturated fats. Yet, still flavorful and creamy.


Switch half yogurt instead of mayonnaise. To make it even healthier, you also may omit egg yolks. However, I am not going to omit it as I love the rich flavor

Healthier Egg Mayo Sandwich
A classic low-fat yummy Egg Mayo Sandwich
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Egg Mayo Salad
  1. 3 eggs
  2. 1 tbsp. of mayonnaise
  3. 1 tbsp. of fat-free natural yogurt
  4. Good amount of pepper
  5. Salt season to taste
  1. Bread
  2. Butter
  3. Cheese
  1. Bring a pot of water with eggs to a boil and let it boil for 10 minutes.
  2. Immediately, drain of excess water and transfer boiled eggs into to a bowl of ice water for a minute to cool down.
  3. Crack and remove the shells.
  4. In a bowl, mash boiled eggs with a fork. Then, mix in your mayonnaise and yogurt. Season with pepper and salt.
  5. Remove the crust of the bread. (Optional)
  6. Spread a thin layer of soften butter onto the bread
  7. Then, add a good spoonful or two of egg mayo.
  8. You may want to add cheese.
  9. Serve.
TheZongHan https://thezonghan.com/

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