How many have stayed by you?

DSC_1365edited quotesPeople around you changes from time to time. Those who really stayed by with you all along, how many are there?

You may ask, should I not make any effort on relationships anymore? Should I not communicate with them?

I have never mastered the arts of communication (and don’t think I will ever) . You know, it’s not easy to communicate well with others. I mean by communicating well, is to feel connected with each other in a relationship, knowing each other’s needs and being able to relate it back. To me, I always think communication is like peanut butter and jelly, if you can relate well with each other, you can! If not, too bad. I always thought that my analytics (judgement) towards each and every individuals were correct. Like being able to be rational about someone’s personality, or identify the problematic one in a quarrel.  But, I came to realization that people can cover their true personality and will also change. You may think that this person can be a great friend, little did you know that he maybe actually a really selfish person and only likes to take advantage of others; stepping on others to a greater heights

Recently, I heard from my bunch of peers that one of their clique’s member caused a lot of problems and even create tension between each and every one of them just to get someone’s attention she wants. They were really upset and decided not to communicate with her anymore. It made me come to think that people are scary because you will never know what are they actually thinking about and their true personality. This is just only a simple example of a situation. What I am trying to say is that you may think of someone as a great friend but maybe he or she is just using you. 

So to put in any effort or not? I would say, in life you would still need to socialize. Socialization will ease loneliness and make things more pleasant. Sure there will be times when disagreement between you and someone else makes it unbearable. But at the end of the day, if you and that person are able to reconcile, it means that your relation with him is strong. However, if it turns the other way round, it means that he’s just not worth your effort. Just think of it that fate has brought it to an end. If you think that you have tried and put in much effort, don’t doubt yourself and think that it’s because of you. Instead, shift your focus and spend your time on others because there will be sure someone worth your time. 

 Nevertheless, learn to cherish your loved ones before they leave you, at least you tried. If they are going to stay by you, treasure them. As for me now, I’m going to cherish the people who wants me to be in their lives as I don’t have the time for people who doesn’t want me. Smile and live on.

在一个人的人生当中, 一定会遇到许多人, 在他的世界里进进出出, 可是真正爱他的,思念他的,珍惜他的, 会有几个?

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