Cashback, Honestbee discounts and online shopping deals at ShopBack

Got my Daniel Wellington at Lazada, extra 9% cashback savings thanks to Shopback!

Online Shopping

I love online shopping because it’s so convenient and easy. I also get to compare prices from many different sellers at one goal, making sure that I get the best deal!

Don’t you just love when there is a huge sale going online? Yet, do you know that you can even get a small percentage of your cash that you spent online to your pocket with ShopBack?

How ShopBack Works

When you shop online through ShopBack, they will give you back a portion of your cash on your purchases back to your ShopBack account. This means extra savings!

For example, you spent $500 on one of their participating merchant stores, and the merchant has an 5% Cashback. You will get $25 (which is 5%) back to your ShopBack account. Cool right?

Can I still cashback when I use a coupon on a merchant website?

Yes, you can totally use any coupons you have and still get your cash back as long as you shop through ShopBack.

In fact, you can ShopBack is where you can enjoy convenient access to offers and coupons from other merchants working with ShopBack, such as Net-a-porter, Guardian and many more. You can find a whole list of offers here.

With ShopBack

Not only I can use on platforms like Lazada and Taobao, I can even order my lunch with FoodPanda through Shopback and get a portion of my money back. Imagine you are helping your whole office to order lunch, your next meal could be ‘on them’ because of ShopBack! The great news is they are also a participating merchant at ShopBack! Extra savings!

Also, I love to shop my ingredients on HonestBee because it is so easy and fuss-free for me. After placing my order, all I have to do is to wait for them to deliver. No more me being pathetic trying to carry everything back home like an auntie now. The great news is they are also a participating merchant at ShopBack! Extra savings!

If you really still want to know more about ShopBack, I suggest you click here to see more information.

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