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District10 @ UESquare

District10 @ UESquare – From mama, with love

Upon nightfall, [email protected], a mere five-minute walk from Fort Canning MRT, transforms into a cozy and romantic bar. Its homemade cuisine from a beautiful Italian town, Bergamo, northeast of Milan is waiting to cure your hunger pangs.

Presenting Pezzera’s Family Favourites “From Mama, with love”…Specially curated by Chef Luca Pezzera and his mama, Bruna.

Chef Luca Pezzera demonstrated his handmade dough with zest, which laid the foundation of a fresh, sincere and wholesome dish.

Ravioli Alla Fornarina Con Tartufo Nero

Ravioli Alla Fornarina Con Tartufo Nero – District10 @ UESquare

Ravioli Alla Fornarina Con Tartufo Nero ($28)
handcrafted ravioli with ricotta, black Angus beef
and egg yolk.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance, because all the goodness is right within the massive ravioli. We pried open the mystery, the well seasoned minced black Angus beef drenched in runny egg york became the center of attention. The dish was enhanced to perfect with ricotta and truffle, a taste so unique I wouldn’t forget.

Villaggio di Bergamo Pizza

Villaggio di Bergamo Pizza – District10 @ UESquare

Villaggio di Bergamo Pizza ($26) Wagyu
Meatballs, Mozzarella, Basil and extra virgin olive

Tender wagyu meatballs seated on the crispy-crust pizza looking pretty like cherries on Blackforest cake! A great appetizer or snacks to go with your cocktails!

La mamma b speciale Chicken Bolognese Penne

La mamma b speciale Chicken Bolognese Penne – District10 @ UESquare

La mamma b speciale Chicken Bolognese Penne
($18) in spicy tomato sauce

Mama Bruna sure knows how to spice things up to the usual Bolognese pasta. Think about it, the thick and flavourful sauce with generous amount of minced chicken bursting out of the Penne on your first munch, leaving a hint of spicy aftertaste in your mouth. If you hate watery tomato pasta like I do, this will be your true love.

il Piatto della Nonna Fatta

il Piatto della Nonna Fatta – District10 @ UESquare

il Piatto della Nonna Fatta ($28) Homemade Angel
Hair pasta in light parmesan cheese sauce with
black truffle.

The Angel Hair Pasta is so smooth and fine yet luscious. The cheese sauce topped with black truffle shavings is highly recommended to those who cant resist rich and flavourful pasta.

Mare d Monti

Mare d Monti – District10 @ UESquare 

Mare d Monti ($28) – Mixed Seafood Linguine with basil oregano in tomato sauce

The fresh seafood hiding brazenly among the tangy linguine is summoning you. 


Tiramisu – District10 @ UESquare

Ending on a sweet note with a generous cup of tiramisu that has the right blend of coffee, chocolate, and liqueur. 

This is a great place to chill after a hectic workday with some booze and real quality Italian food.


Address: UE Square, 81 Clemenceau Ave, 01-15/16/17, Singapore 239917

Nearest MRT: Fort Canning MRT

Website: http://www.district10.com.sg/

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Monti @ Fullerton Pavilion – The Perfect Sunday Weekend Buffet Brunch

If you are looking the perfect luxury Sunday weekend buffet brunch, this is it.

Located at Fullerton Pavilion, Monti is one of Marina Bay’s latest dining and lifestyle destination, offering modern Italian food, evening live band with jazz-inspired cocktails and stunning view to match. What’s even better now is that Monti has introduced their new brunch by the bay concept every Sunday with superb Italian breakfast menu.

Egg Salmon Florentine - Monti

Egg Salmon Florentine – Monti

Though it is a buffet, it is served in ala-crate style. You would have to order it and they will prepare for you immediately. Which, I find it better as the quality of the food won’t be compromised. 

Egg Salmon Florentine was amazing! Served with Sour Dough Bread, Baby Spinach, Smoked Salmon and drizzled with Dill Hollandaise to top it off, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the standard here in Monti.

Egg Salmon Florentine - Monti

Egg Salmon Florentine – Monti

No brunch would be completed without eggs. Choose from poached eggs to omelet, I’m sure they will make it to perfection!

Foie Gras on Toast - Monti

Foie Gras on Toast – Monti

Indulge yourself with the choice of Foie Gras on Toast. Try it and you will love it!

French Toast - Monti

French Toast – Monti

Be delighted with their French Toast! Served with Honey Cinnamon Mascarpone Cheese, Caramelized Banana and a scatter of Fresh Berries, it was decent. However, I would very much prefer a wider range of selections for the topping. Imagine having French Toast with Caramelized Banana and Chocolate Syrup. Yum! Nevertheless, it was delish.

Risotto Live Station - Monti

Risotto Live Station – Monti

Fancy for Risotto? Order their famous Truffle Risotto and be intrigued with a fancy live show. The Risotto Live Station will showcase on the finishing of your risotto in a parmesan cheese wheel in front of you and your guests.

Monti's Famous Tuffle Risotto

Monti’s Famous Truffle Risotto

The risotto was very rich and creamy. Due to parmesan cheese, it was a little pungent. Which, could be good or bad depending on your taste bud. I do like it, however.

Monti's Dessert Table

Monti’s Dessert Table

Check out Monti’s Dessert Table made in-house by their pastry chef after your hearty meal too as these desserts are also part of the buffet. I’m always excited when it comes to dessert, looking at this table makes me even more elevated.

Lemon Rosemary Tartlets

Lemon Rosemary Tartlets

Miniature Lemon Rosemary Tartlets looks indulging and refreshing! It was quite balanced with a twist of Rosemary in the crust. Yet, I personally still prefer it to be sourer.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Rich and decadent Chocolate Cake. Served with fresh berries, they were intensely moist.



We only live once, why not drop by Monti this Sunday for that perfect moment?

Brunch Buffet Packages from 12 P.M to 3 P.M every Sunday.

Brunch Buffet only s$90++ per pax

Brunch Buffet & Non-alcoholic Drinks  $120++ per pax

Brunch Buffet & Free Flow Wine $140++ per pax

Brunch Buffet & Free Flow Champagne $160++ per pax


Contact: +65 6535 0724

Address: 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049213


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Morganfield’s @ The Star Vista – Christmas Menu

Morganfield's Christmas Menu

Morganfield’s Christmas Menu

Christmas is around the corner and if you are looking for a place to celebrate this festive with wonderful cozy ambiance this is the place you should check it out!

Morgan's Christmas Feast

Morgan’s Christmas Feast

For this Christmas, Morganfield’s has introduced a Christmas Feast! Consist of Hazelnut Stick Bones, Cranberry Stick Bones, Crackling Roasted Pork, Gammon Ham, Sausages, Salad, Roasted Potatoes, Cornbread, Mexican Grilled Corn and some Roasted Vegetables! What a sumptuous spread!

They told me that this platter could serve 4 people but I fIll it certainly can fill more than that! If you want this platter to be in your Christmas house gathering, you could place your order 3 days in advance @ their website! Pick up and delivery available.

Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon

Love their Candied Bacon! Very sticky and sweet!

Crackling Pork Roast

Crackling Pork Roast

I love roasted pork and this was a good one! The meat was tender and juicy, yet comes with a crispy crackling skin!

Cranberry Sticky Bones

Cranberry Sticky Bones

I’m a big fan of cranberries and these sticky ribs were made with cranberries. Mellowing sweet and gloriously sticky.

Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken

Isn’t it so comforting to look at this beautiful Roasted Chicken, isn’t? Comfort food is what makes me feels good and has a sentimental value to me. I believe a good Roasted Chicken will enlighten me when I’m feeling moody, or brighten up this festive season!



Morganfield's (The Star Vista)

Morganfield’s (The Star Vista)

Do check Morganfield and have a pint of beer there with your friends!

Morganfield’s @ The Star Vista

Contact: +65 6694 3635

Address: The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-23, The Star Vista, 138617

Nearest MRT Station: Buona Vista MRT



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Dallas Restaurant & Bar @ Suntec City Sky Garden

Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Suntec has been offering a wide variety of restaurants and Dallas is one of it you should totally check it out. Dallas is a good place to hangout as the bar/bistro concept restaurant offer casual dining ambiance for your after-work drinks and a glorious city view.

Pineapple Punch and Cherry Peach Cooler

Pineapple Punch and Cherry Peach Cooler

Refreshing mocktails before dinner starts. Didn’t want to take alcohol as it was a weekday.

Snapper Fish Tacos

Snapper Fish Tacos

For starters, I got to try out Snapper Fish Tacos. The fish fillets were lightly battered fried till crispy golden brown. Paired with lovely cheesy nacho cheese, pineapple chutney and a finishing of lime juice. It was heavenly amazing. I love it!

BBQ Chicken Parm

BBQ Chicken Parm

Next, I got to try out BBQ Chicken Parm. Pan-fried chicken breast, wrapped with grilled bacon and caramelized onions, and topped with a generous amount of melted mozzarella cheese. 

BBQ Barramundi

BBQ Barramundi

This got to be my favorite main dish, BBQ Barramundi. Crispy skin, yet tenderly soft meat, served with Garlic Mayonnaise and a finishing squeeze of lemon juice. It’s a great choice, yum!

Meat Platter

Meat Platter

When you are in Dallas, you should totally try our their Meat Platter when dining with your friends. Though this Meat Platter is for 2, I find that it is more suitable for 4 people. The Meat Platter consists of Braised Pork Ribs, Australian Lamb, Prime Rib, and Roasted Chicken. It comes with Mint Jelly, Mushroom Sauce, and Black Pepper Sauce. The Mint Jelly goes delightfully with the Lamb Cutlets, while the other sauces should be paired with the Roasted Chicken.

Keylime Pie

Keylime Pie

If you love sourish dessert, this is for you. I highly recommend you to get a slice of Keylime Pie to share at the end of your meal here in Dallas as it was very zesty and sharp.

Warm Chocolate Brownie

Warm Chocolate Brownie

THIS IS THE BEST BROWNIE I EVER HAD! TRUST ME! It was so rich and indulgent, even I was embarrassed with my own brownie recipes. I was told that all their desserts were made in-house, I wonder why they did not open a brownie shop because this brownie really deserves some recognition.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Lastly, I also got to try their Apple Pie. I do like the Cinnamon Apple filling. Yet, the crust was a little too soft and lacks flavor.

Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, 03-302/303 Suntec City Sky Garden, Singapore 038983Tel: +65 9673 2012

Tel: +65 9673 2012

Nearest MRT: Esplanade MRT

Website: http://www.dallas.sg/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/dallas.sg/


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