• Jasmine Green Tea Chiffon Cake with Cheese
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    Jasmine Green Tea Chiffon Cake with Cheese

    Recently, I have been quite obsessed with teas. I wonder, “Why not bake with it?”. Which, resulted in this wonderful chiffon cake recipe. I know the combination of Jasmine Green Tea and Cheese sounds weird. But, the Cheese actually complements quite well with the flavor of the leaves. Jasmine Green Tea drink is a common choice for Singaporean. Though we don’t really put cheese on our baked goods, I got my inspiration from Indonesia. Indonesians love to sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese onto their cakes. I was intrigued to try it out and when I got to try it, it was lovely. To extract all the flavors out from the tea…

  • Masons Home Decor - Terrarium DIY Kit

    DIY Terrarium Kit – Fun and Surprisingly Easy

    Won’t it be fun if you could DIY your very own terrarium? You could even do this together with your family members! Masons Home Decor provides an array of customizable Premium Terrarium DIY Kit for you to choose from. You may select the type of terrarium jars you like and they will arrange everything for you. With the DIY kit, it is actually very easy to make your personalized terrariums! Your DIY Kit will come in a large box with decorative pebbles and instructions on how to assemble it. It was really simple and I had no troubles following the instructions. First, you would need to wash your given jar. I chose this really simple round…

  • Pancakes for you
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    Perfect Fluffy Pancakes

    Delightful light and fluffy Pancakes. So perfect! This recipe is a little unconventional. I separated egg yolk and egg white and whisked the egg white with sugar until stiff peaks. This actually helps the pancakes to be light and fluffy. Picture perfect. I actually like to go with a slab of Butter,  drizzle of Maple Syrup, some Berries and a dollop of Greek Yogurt. But, in this case, I did not use any Greek Yogurt for photoshoot wise. Pancakes for you?