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Things to do in Orchard Road, Singapore

Orchard Road Singapore, who does not know this area in the Land of the Lion? Indonesian travelers have even made one of the most famous streets in the world their main tourist destination while on vacation in Singapore.

Not only because it has a fun atmosphere and vibe, but Orchard Road is also a destination for many people from all over the world to shop and stay at the various hotels provided. One of them is Ascott Orchard.

However, did you know that Orchard Road does not only offer itself as a world shopping destination?

Many exciting and fun activities can be done on Orchard Road to have a memorable travel experience in Singapore. Curious about what activities and tourist activities can be done at Orchard Road? Check out the list below!

Interesting Things To Do On Orchard Road

  • Enjoy the city view from the height of ION Orchard

One place that can be visited to see the view of Singapore from a height is the 56th floor of the ION Sky Orchard. In this place, you have access to see the incredible views of all over Singapore. This place also offers multimedia attractions about Singapore’s interesting and unique history to enjoy. If you are visiting with your little ones, then they can enjoy local snacks while enjoying the view.


  • Read a book or dive into the Instagenic library at the National Library

For book and literacy lovers, the National Library is a tourist destination on Orchard Road that should not be missed, because the literature collection is fairly complete. Even so for selfies and photography enthusiasts, the interior design of this library is fairly Instagenic.


  • See the remains of history on the Emerald Hill Road

Emerald Hill Road is a great destination to see remnants of Peranakan history and culture with its many colorful buildings and windows, which provide unique and impressive views. This area also provides a new perspective on Orchard Road, which is busy, modern, and synonymous with excitement.


  • Go back in time at the National Museum of Singapore

Not all museums are boring. The National Museum of Singapore will invite you to explore the history and culture of Singapore in a fun way. There are many things that are exhibited through conventional means or creative digital displays.

  • See the official residence of Singapore’s president at The Istana

Like the Bogor Palace, there is also The Istana, which is the “official residence” of the Singapore president. You can see what the residence and office of the Singaporean presidents are like, as well as enjoy the feel of the beautiful gardens around it. You can take a tour inside the palace, and even study at the Istana Heritage Gallery.


  • Get back to nature at the Botanic Gardens

Orchard Road is famous for its skyscrapers, busy streets, and modern feel. But there is one interesting corner full of natural nuances that you can visit, the Botanic Gardens. This park is the right location for you to relax, and enjoy the green and beautiful nuances of nature, even for a moment away from the bustle of the city atmosphere, without having to leave the city. You can find The National Orchid Garden, the Heritage Museum and even the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden for kids to learn about plants.

There are many exciting tourist activities that can be done besides shopping and culinary tours at Orchard Road, right? Don’t forget to check the various inns here before visiting. There are a number of star hotels that you can stop by, such as Hotel Jen Tanglin and Ascott Orchard. Interested in visiting Singapore, now?


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