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    The Rotisserie @ Suntec City Mall

    I recently went to Suntec City Mall to try out ‘The Rotisserie‘. These are one of the most popular dishes on the menu, Roasted Chicken (half), Pork Knuckle, and Black Angus Beef Burger. Yet, since I can’t take in beef, I will not comment about it.  The portions were generously and I certainly couldn’t finish either of a whole plate. My main course was Pork Knuckle. Honestly, I personally feel that the meat was too red, and can be further improved. However, the Roasted Chicken was surprisingly amazing! Well roasted skin on the outside with tender moist meat on the inside However, the Roasted Chicken was surprisingly amazing! Welled roasted skin…

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    Domino’s Cheesy Mozzarella Stix

    I got to try ‘Domino’s Cheesy Mozzarella Stix’ last week and it was so yummy! Crispy on the outside, yet piping hot and cheesy on the inside. I am a cheese person, this definitely satisfy my cravings!  Be sure to eat it while it’s warm! Once cold, it won’t be that delish! But not to worry if you are ordering online! They have a 30 minutes delivery guarantee islandwide! To add on, it’s free! As usual, I have exclusive promotion for you guys! Just simply use my promo codes to enjoy discounts on Domino’s pizza and Cheesy Mozz Stix when you order through online, call center or over the counter. Code…

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    50% off Domino’s Pizza Singapore 2016

    Love pizza, but lazy to make yourself one? My lovely friends, I have 50% discount codes for you guys to order Domino’s Pizza!  I love Domino’s Pizza. Not only their pizzas are so delicious, but they also have free delivery islandwide too! Moreover, a 30 minute delivery guarantee! Having a party soon? Order some Domino Pizza so that to enjoy the 50% discount now! So worthwhile, make sure you enjoy the deal! Redeem your 50% off for Large or Xtra Large pizza when you use my promo codes on the online ordering website. (www.domino.com.sg) Free delivery across islandwide! 😍😍 · Code for Large pizza: TIN06A Code for Xtra Large pizza: TIN06B…

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    A trip to Trick Eye Museum Singapore

    My trip to Trick Eye Museum Singapore was enjoyable! I was invited by TIN to experience Trick Eye Museum’s New Themed Zones & Interactive 4D Concept at Sentosa. I brought XS along that day as she was free. We were all so excited as it was our first time going there! Pleased to find a Merlion Boat inside the museum. Now I can ride a Merlion! Hahahaha…. Into Fantasy? Escape yourself with this Flower Ball and Beautiful Bubble Lady. Their themed art and visual were so realistic. I had a great time taking many pictures there! I got trapped by a Giant Baby. Help!! No worries. Here comes my hero to the rescue.…

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    Heavenly White with touch of Blue – Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall

    So the other day I came across a picture taken in Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall. I was like, “I must visit there! It looks so heavenly!” I went the subsequent week. I ‘jio’ Sun along since she was free on that day. She was my photographer of the day.  😉  I really love the blue flowery shirt I got from Alcoholiday at Cathay Cineleisure. It goes well with my orangy-brown pants.   The bag I held that day was made by Feger. It’s affordable while looking chic. Michael Kors watch, my mom got for me when we were in America. Simple and classic. Hahaha, I still think that we were a…

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    Invisalign – Teeth Straightening Part 2

    If you guys have been following me, you will know that I blogged about my teeth straightening journey part 1 last December 2014. I had to do an operation before I start my Invisalign treatment. Of course, not everyone needs to do an operation for this treatment! Mine was extra-extra special, go read about my previous post if you want to know why. Nevertheless, yes! I am going to have a perfect teeth! I am so upset as people often criticize me that I have a really ugly and crooked teeth. In some angle, I manage to make them look perfect like I have straight teeth. But I am not going to…

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    Domino’s Pizza celebrate SG50 with 50% off and new Banana Kaya Dessert!

    I was invited to Domino’s Pizza SG party last week to get to know more about the new Banana Kaya Pizza Dessert!  Oven baked deliciously goodness, it is filled with flavorful pandan kaya made only from the freshest ingredients of coconut cream, eggs and real pandan leaves.  Wonderfully buttery crust sprinkled with some icing sugar. Yum! I love the combination of kaya and banana!  With some others who also came to try out their new dessert and wide range of pizzas. Event started and she was explaining about how this dessert was created and at the same time informing us about the upcoming super deals for SG50! We also got…

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    Just Blue and White

    I got my pants from bugis street. It was only $10! Worth a buy. I like the combination of blue and white. The blue pants have almost a purplish look. The light blue and red stripes on the shirt really complement the pants well.

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    American Eagle Outfitters Singapore with TypicalBen

    I participated in the #AEOStyleMe contest by American Eagle Outfitters Singapore and was picked up as one of the winners. I was over the moon! I had been reading TypicalBen‘s blog for almost 2 years and finally got to meet him. So excited! I was so nervous! Knowing that there would a number of people coming, I had made some pastries over. But, too bad it was quite hard to eat and choose clothes at the same time, so I decided to just give Ben, Randy and Pei Shi instead. This event was for Ben to style us. I’m in love with checkered clothes. Hence, I told him to choose one for me as American…