• Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Makan@Jen

    Ultimate Prawn Party by Makan@Jen Hotel Orchardgateway

    I got to try out Makan@Jen Ultimate Prawn Party Buffet a few weeks back. Hotel Jen Orchardgateway invites every to a prawn extravaganza! Look at the wide arrays of dishes here! There is a grilling section, where you get to choose your own type of prawns and the chef will grill for you. The chef will prepare it according to the different kind of prawns you have selected to bring out the best flavors of it as there are subtle differences in textures. The best thing is that there are 5 different sauces to pair with your grilled prawns! Yum! Crispy, love how it goes with the crackers! You can…

  • Popcorn Chicken

    Jack’s Cola Cafe @ Paya Lebar Square

    My trip to Jack Cola Cafe @ Paya Lebar Square was pleasant. They offer delicious comfort breakfast sets that are very reasonably priced, yet does not skimp on the quality and quantity of the ingredients. Distressed Cheesy Ham Toasty consist of classic Ham  and pan fried Eggs sandwiched between golden brown French Toast. The French Toast was lightly crisp on the outside but soft on the inside. This cheese and ham toast combination will sure not to go wrong if you don’t know what to go for. Thick style French Fries drizzled with Truffle Oil and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan Cheese. You got to order this when you are…

  • Joo Bar

    Joo Bar – ‘D-I-Y’ Bibimbap @ Bugis

    I got to ‘D-I-Y’ my own Bibimbap at Joo Bar! They have a wide selection of ingredients to choose from to mix & match starting from just $10.90 with a choice of drink. What I love about is that they even have purple rice or quinoa to choose from! Purple rice (also known as black rice), contains high amount of anthocyanins antioxidants that help to fight against heart disease and cancer. It is also a good source of fiber that helps with your digestion.  Their ingredients felt really fresh! I love how the way they minced their in-house kimchi into fine bits. That way, you could mix it later into your…

  • Trovolo

    Tovolo Baking & Cooking Utensils Sponsored by Kitchenary

    Have a good set of kitchen utensils is important. I’m very particular about it as a piece of kitchen tool can either ruin or assist you when baking and cooking. I’m very excited to share with you guys my essential baking and cooking utensils by Tovolo and Staybowlizer! Tovolo is a USA brand that believes that cooking should not only be fun and colorful, but also functional and practical. I was amazed by the wide selection of colors available to choose from! Not only that, after using for a period of time, I feel that their products are quite sturdy and are made to last. The good thing about Tovolo…

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    Your Ideal 5D4N Itinerary To Hong Kong & Macau

    – Day 1 – Earlier this year, my family and I went to Macau and Hong Kong for 5 days 4 nights. On the first day, we went directly to Macau for a night at The Venetian Macao. It is better for you to travel to Macau first before exploring Hong Kong as you tend to buy more stuff in Hong Kong. It will be a hassle if you move about with a full luggage. I’m surprised! Quite a lot of people everywhere in the hotel. Couldn’t get a clear shot of the lobby.  Love my boots from Ecco. Pretty! Felt so shag cause not only we had to travel from…

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    Flavour Flings Cafe @ Hougang Ave 1

    Looking for a neighbourhood cafe around your area? Flavour Flings Cafe is well-known for their Salted Egg Yolk Croissants and is also halal certified. Conveniently located in Hougang Avenue 1, Flavor Flings is back with a new special menu!  Firstly, we got to try Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta. A delicious Garlic Bruschetta infused with White Truffle oil, top it off with Mushroom Caviar, Tomato Cubes, Parmesan Cheese and Spring Onions. Truffle lovers will sure to find this satisfying as the flavor is very strong and aromatic! I find that the Bruschetta was very well made. Highly recommended to try it out! For some lovely bites, we got their Salted Egg Yolk Fries. Drizzled with their in-house Salted Egg…

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    Caffe Pralet @ Eng Hoon St. (Tiong Bahru)

    If you are looking for a café that has no GST and no service charge. Caffe Pralet is the place to go. Caffe Pralet has a history of 10 years here in Eng Hoon Street. The founder Julie Koh, opened a baking school and café here 10 years ago to showcase the culinary side of her. Today, they have revamped their menu and has a wide range of fusion food. I got to try out their Hei Bi Aglio Olio. If you don’t know what Hei Bi is, it’s basically dried small shrimps that have a very pungent smell to it. It was my first time trying out such an…

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    Eat Through The Week Buffet @ J65 Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

    Are you looking for a high-quality buffet with great ambiance? If so, you should check it out buffets offer @ J65 Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore. They offer a wide range of dishes with a series of dining options from Monday to Sunday. Monday – ‘Crab! It’s Monday…’ Tuesday – ‘Beef Yourself Up!’ Wednesday – ‘Lobster Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Thursday – ‘ His Majesty the King Prawn’ Friday & Saturday ‘Hooked! Seafood Mania’ Sunday – ‘Let’s Go Local’ Menu changes everyday! So their nightly promotions will sure have something for everyone! I went for the Lobster-themed buffet on Wednesday and it is definitely one of my favorite menu of the week!…

  • Gavia natural sweetener

    First Gavia Booth @ SUTD 2016

    It was my first Gavia booth. Nevertheless, everything went well. I’m happy that the response turned out well and everything was sold out at the end of the event. Lemon Blueberry Muffins, Banana Chocolate Muffins, and Orange Cranberry Almond Muffins. These are some of my favorite sugar-free recipes. A lovely lady bought a Lemon Blueberry Muffins to try and instantly love it! She ordered 40 muffins in one goal.  To receive such support from people like her, I really appreciate it.  I’m really happy that I could finally use some of my cake stands. Honestly, it was hard work, I didn’t expect working to be so hard at all. During…

  • Salad Parkroyal Kitchener Road

    The Union of Crabs and Lobsters Buffet @ Parkroyal Kitchener Road

    Parkroyal on Kitchener Road launches a lobster and crab affair at unbeatable value! Lobsters and crabs lover will sure to love this affordable buffet. The restaurant, Spice Brasserie at Parkroyal on Kitchener Road had come up with their new range of exotic dishes alongside with the all-time favorite, Slow-braised Pumpkin Crab in Claypot, and Singapore Staple Chili and Black Pepper Crabs. There are many lobster and crab dishes to try on. You will sure to enjoy it. My personal favorite are Steamed Boston Lobster in Chinese Wine and Flame-grilled Lobster Mentaiko which topped with Cheese on a lobster and covered with Mentaiko sauce. You definitely shouldn’t miss those out! There…