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Pandan Chiffon Cake

IMG_9602EditedNothing beats a good Pandan Chiffon Cake. It is light, soft and fluffy! Almost like a cottoncandy if that make sense.


This cake is Singaporeans’ favourites. We love our Pandan cakes and we can eat it any time of the day. Breakfast along with a cup of coffee, or just an afternoon snack. It is just so delicious.


Making a chiffon cake isn’t hard at all. Some tips and tricks for you before we begin.

  • Use some vinegar or cream of tartar in your egg whites to stabilize
  • Use the right size tube pan
  • Do NOT grease your pan
  • Turn your pan upside down after you bake


The beautiful green comes from the Pandan leaves and paste. Some choose to leave the paste out of their recipe. But, I always think that adding some extra Pandan paste to the batter will make it an even more fragrant and flavoursome.

Not only that, using coconut milk instead of just plain water will yield you even aromatic and mouth-watering Pandan chiffon cake. I know that coconut milk has a high content of fats but a little makes a lot of differences!

Pandan Chiffon Cake - Singapore
Make 1 21-cm tube pan
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Egg White
  1. 5 egg whites
  2. ¾ tsp. of vinegar
  3. (1/4 cup) 60 grams of white sugar
Egg Yolk Batter
  1. 5 egg yolks
  2. (1/4 cup) 60 grams of white sugar
  3. (3/4 cup) 100 grams of plain flour
  4. (2 tbsp.) 20 grams of corn starch
  5. 1 tsp. baking powder
  6. ¼ tsp. salt
  7. 1 tsp. pandan paste
  8. (1/4 cup) 65 ml of vegetable oil
  9. (1/4 cup) 65 ml of coconut milk + 2 tbsp. of water
  10. 35 grams of pandan leaves, chopped
  1. Preheat oven to 160C or 140C fan-forced.
  2. To extract pandan leaves,
  3. Puree coconut milk, water and pandan leaves in a chopper until smooth.
  4. Then, strain the mixture. Discard the residue.
  5. Let’s start mixing the egg yolk batter,
  6. In a large bowl, whisk egg yolks and sugar vigorously for about a minute until pale in color.
  7. Next drizzle in pandan-coconut mixture and pandan paste.
  8. Add in oil.
  9. Lastly, sift in plain flour, corn starch, baking powder and salt.
  10. Stir until well combined and set aside while you whisk your egg whites.
  11. For the egg whites,
  12. In your stand mixer, whisk in egg whites and vinegar on high speed until frothy. Then, gradually add in sugar and continue whisking until stiff peaks.
  13. Fold in egg white mixture a large dollop at a time into the egg yolk batter.
  14. Transfer into a 21 cm ungreased tube pan. Use a skewer and run around the batter to remove large air bubbles. Drop the pan to also remove large air bubbles.
  15. Bake it in the oven for about 55 minutes to an hour.
  16. Invert the cake with the pan immediately after baking and let it cool completely.
  17. Once cooled, run a knife around the sides and bottom. Serve.

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  • Huong Binh Nguyen

    Delicious chiffon pandan cake . Your notes in the instruction very clear and easy to understand . I will try to make this , thanks so much .

    • Zong Han Chua

      There are many factors that affect the chiffon cake.
      Is your oven preheated to the correct temperature? Did you bake long enough?
      Is the size of your chiffon pan the same stated from the recipe?
      Did you whip up your egg whites to stiff peaks? Or did you over whipped it?
      Chiffon cake will shrink, but it will shrink a lot. just a little.

  • Bubuwabbit

    It will shrink a lot if its not baked thoroughly dry enough. Also, after removing from oven, drop cake pan on countertop 2-3 times so that the impact will force out some hot air inside and wont shrink significantly after cool down. Over turn your cake pan and let cake cool completely before removing it from cake pan.

  • Bubuwabbit

    Hi Zonghan, thx for your easy recipe using cups measurement! Lot more convenient than weighing!
    I tried a second and third time on this recipe with a tray of water on the lowest rack while baking on the second lowest rack, same temp but extending bake time to 1hr 5mins, silver color cake pan, no open to check in between, the cake yielded is much more moist texture. My friends and family love the rich flavor and not too sweet! Thanks again!

  • miahang

    I love Pandan cake a lot!
    Coincidently, I saw your recipe on Youtube ,which was very clear and seemed makable as I never made a cake before.
    I wish i can make one by following your instructions, but I got some questions for you.

    1. Is the vinegar you mentioned in the recipe regular white vinegar?
    2. Which brand you recommend on the pandan paste?
    3. Coconut milk is a powder or liquid version?

    I would very much appreciate your response.

  • Lee acd

    Thks for the recipe . I just baked it . So fluffy n soft . But I dun get the brown edges that you have .
    Is it under bake or temp too low ?

    • Zong Han Chua

      I believe it’s the same. Yes, you may skip the vinegar (or replace it with cream of tartar). But, the purpose of using vinegar is to increase stability of the egg white structure.

  • Chandana Mukherjee

    Hi. This recipe is awesome!
    I have a 6” tube pan so what I did was followed the measurements of your strawberry marble chiffon recipe. This cake came out so well!! My first successful chiffon cake!! Yay!! Now I am motivated to try the other chiffon cake recipes too.
    Thank you!!

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