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I have been perming so often that I am starting to worry about my hair condition. To maintain my permed hairstyle, I would have to perm almost every other month! That would be almost 6x per year and it’s insane! There was a period of time my hair was so frizzy that it did not look good at all even after a new perm session. I realized that taking care of my hair and making sure that it is in good condition is also very important as it is one of the keys to having nice hair.

Thanks to my new hair sponsor, I’ll be perming my hair alongside with Olaplex Treatment at Kenjo Salon. Many people have been raving about Olaplex treatment! Olaplex is a new reconstructive treatment developed by top scientists in Santa Barbara that enhance the internal structure of the hair and prevents damage that occurs during chemical services like perming or coloring. I’ll talk more about it later in this post blog.

Conveniently located in Plaza Singapura, Kenjo Salon is a Korean Salon with a combination of local and Korean stylists. They are very professional and will strive to provide their customers the ultimate salon experience.

When I got into the salon, I was greeted by one of the receptionist and was escorted to a table to wait for my hair stylist. I love the fact that they have many choices of beverage to choose from! As usual, I would need my coffee to kick start that day.

Here’s a picture of my hairstyle before I start. I looked damn unkempt! 

My hair stylist, William. 

I consulted William with the hairstyle I want in mind and he advised me with the necessary procedures I would need to do to achieve the best look. To protect my hair, he advised me to do my perm with Olaplex treatment. As I mentioned above, I heard great reviews about Olaplex and was glad that I could try it out myself here in Kenjo Salon. I then start my procedure with a hair wash followed by William cutting my hair effortlessly.


Olaplex is a new reconstructive treatment developed by top scientists in Santa Barbara that enhance the internal structure of the hair and prevents damage that occurs during chemical services like perming or coloring. It is a bond multiplier which is unlike any other products on the market right now. This actually connects any broken disulfide bonds in the hair, restoring the original strength and structure of the hair. Olaplex is not like a conditioner as it does not coat the hair in silicone to make it ‘smooth’ temporary.

Definitely great a treatment you should totally try it if you are,

  • Coloring your hair – For a more lasting vibrant hair color
  • Bleaching – To protect and eliminates hair breakage 
  • Rebonding – Maintain strength & giving structure to the hair
  • Hot/Cold Perm – Improves elasticity with strong and voluminous curl  

Since perming my hair will break numerous bonds in the hair, the integrity of my hair will be compromised. So an Olaplex treatment is highly recommended to repair the damaged caused by perm.

After my wash and cut, William applied a lotion-based Korean perming chemical to get it started. I was astonished that the chemical that they used was a lotion type and not those conventional watery perming chemicals you would get in other salons. I would totally prefer the lotion to the typical perming chemical as it was not messy at all and I do not need to worry about the chemical getting onto my face and into my eyes. 

So excited for the final result later!

My Olaplex treatment was done together with my perm. The Olaplex treatment was fairly simple. It was drizzled on my hair at the end after applying neutralizing chemical of the perm. Kenjo Salon had incorporated Olaplex treatment together with the perm. The result of doing this was impressive as my hair retained more of its elasticity and shine.

Look at the shine and the suppleness of my hair! 

The end result! My hairstylist, William told me that I also could style my hair differently if I want to for a formal event. Yet, I still very much prefer how my hair turned out when its down for a more casual look. 

Thanks William for styling me up! It was awesome!

A week after my perm and treatment with Kenjo Salon. I love how my hair turned out. It looks gorgeous! More pictures of my Tiong Bahru shots will be out soon, so stay tuned!

Make sure to check out Kenjo Salon @ Plaza Singapura! Good news, quote “ZaTaYaYummy” at Kenjo Hair Salon to get 15% discount for all their hair services. 20% for students under the age of 21.

Kenjo Salon

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Address: 68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing), Singapore 238839


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