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    Nando’s New Flavor, Mango & Lime – Refreshingly Sweet and Zesty

    Recently, Nando’s have launched a brand-new flavor, Mango & Lime! I can’t believe it pairs well and tastes so zingy delicious! It is refreshingly sweet and zesty, great for people who can’t take the heat at all! The new Mango & Lime is set to bring a new dimension to our range of PERi-PERi flavors to suit Singaporean’s taste buds. This interesting mix of refreshing flavors is a sure-winner for you and chicken lovers! The Full Platter will allow 2 to 4 people to share as it consists of one whole Chicken and 2 Large sides (or 4 REG sides). Make sure to go with their Mango & Lime so…

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    KUVO @ Somerset/Orchard – Lavish Dining Experience

    My friend and I got to visit KUVO Singapore to try out their new Seafood Pot, Seafood Pot SocialLite. Situated along the streets of Orchard Road, KUVO is a lifestyle dining concept by TCC. the restaurant offers not only dining but bar, vine lounge and even a gift shop! We started it with their classic Truffle Fries. My friend felt that the scent of the truffle was just right, yet I feel that it certainly can be stronger! I was recommended to their out their Fruit Tea and indeed, it was very pleasant! I ordered Melon Mangosteen Fruit Tea. Though it sounds exotic, it was sweet-smelling and inviting. I really love…

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    Cha Thai @ Telok Ayer

    Stunning and jaw-dropping Pad Thai Noodle from Cha Thai. Situated in the street of Telok Ayer, this Thai Food restaurant is worth taking a look. I love their Pad Thai Noodle. Initially, I thought that Pad Thai Noodle should have a strong wok smell. The smell and aroma can be produced with very high heat and a good well-seasoned cast iron wok.  Yet, I was told that original Pad Thai Noodle should not have it. How do I know? The original creator of Pad Thai Noodle is actually by Chai Thai owner’s ancestor. She is the 5th generation of the family! So, an authentic Pad Thai Noodle should have a…

  • Dallas Restaurant & Bar

    Dallas Restaurant & Bar @ Suntec City Sky Garden

    Suntec has been offering a wide variety of restaurants and Dallas is one of it you should totally check it out. Dallas is a good place to hangout as the bar/bistro concept restaurant offer casual dining ambiance for your after-work drinks and a glorious city view. Refreshing mocktails before dinner starts. Didn’t want to take alcohol as it was a weekday. For starters, I got to try out Snapper Fish Tacos. The fish fillets were lightly battered fried till crispy golden brown. Paired with lovely cheesy nacho cheese, pineapple chutney and a finishing of lime juice. It was heavenly amazing. I love it! Next, I got to try out BBQ…

  • Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Makan@Jen

    Ultimate Prawn Party by Makan@Jen Hotel Orchardgateway

    I got to try out Makan@Jen Ultimate Prawn Party Buffet a few weeks back. Hotel Jen Orchardgateway invites every to a prawn extravaganza! Look at the wide arrays of dishes here! There is a grilling section, where you get to choose your own type of prawns and the chef will grill for you. The chef will prepare it according to the different kind of prawns you have selected to bring out the best flavors of it as there are subtle differences in textures. The best thing is that there are 5 different sauces to pair with your grilled prawns! Yum! Crispy, love how it goes with the crackers! You can…

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    Jack’s Cola Cafe @ Paya Lebar Square

    My trip to Jack Cola Cafe @ Paya Lebar Square was pleasant. They offer delicious comfort breakfast sets that are very reasonably priced, yet does not skimp on the quality and quantity of the ingredients. Distressed Cheesy Ham Toasty consist of classic Ham  and pan fried Eggs sandwiched between golden brown French Toast. The French Toast was lightly crisp on the outside but soft on the inside. This cheese and ham toast combination will sure not to go wrong if you don’t know what to go for. Thick style French Fries drizzled with Truffle Oil and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan Cheese. You got to order this when you are…