• Masons Home Decor - Terrarium DIY Kit

    DIY Terrarium Kit – Fun and Surprisingly Easy

    Won’t it be fun if you could DIY your very own terrarium? You could even do this together with your family members! Masons Home Decor provides an array of customizable Premium Terrarium DIY Kit for you to choose from. You may select the type of terrarium jars you like and they will arrange everything for you. With the DIY kit, it is actually very easy to make your personalized terrariums! Your DIY Kit will come in a large box with decorative pebbles and instructions on how to assemble it. It was really simple and I had no troubles following the instructions. First, you would need to wash your given jar. I chose this really simple round…


    Somerset Medini Iskandar Puteri Serviced Apartment

    Looking for a short getaway to Johor Bahru? Want to have some fun at different attractions such as LEGOLAND Malaysia and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town? How about leisure shopping at Johor Premium Outlet? Check out Somerset Medini Iskandar Puteri Serviced Apartment! Located just beside LEGOLAND Malaysia in Medini Iskandar, Somerset is a great choice if you are looking for a place to stay when traveling there. It is conveniently situated for Singaporeans as it is only about 15 minutes drive away from Tuas Second Link! If you do not have your own private vehicle, do not fair as you could hop onto public buses provided by Causeway Link easily to reach there directly. (via…

  • DBS FasTrack OLD TEA HUT

    DBS FasTrack – Skip the queue at your favourite eateries

    Be smart and don’t follow hard! Skip queues during rush hour by ordering and paying ahead for meals with DBS FasTrack! DBS has worked with many restaurants like Old Tea Hut, Five Star Restaurant, and even KouFu to create their very own mobile application to save time and skip queues by providing a seamless ‘self-service’ online food ordering and cashless payments solution. Make sure to check out which restaurants have already implemented this solution so that you can order from your favorite eateries with the app easily without the hassle during lunch break! Restaurants and eateries that provide such services: Usage of this services are simple. Download the relevent mobile…

  • Kenjo Salon Scalp Treatment

    Scalp Treatment for Your Irritated Sensitive Scalp @ Kenjo Salon

    Since young, my scalp is very sensitive.  Like my mom, I have dandruff and my condition is really bad as compared to the norms. I have really huge and scary dry flakes that will fall off whenever I scratch my head.  It was really bad as sometimes my scalp would feel so irritated that it started to bleed. Sounds bad, right? I often do this to horrify my friends by showing them that snow is possible in Singapore. Hahahaha! I often do this to horrify my friends by showing them that snow is possible in Singapore. Hahahaha! One of the best way to help to my scalp is with a…

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    Binge-watch DBS Sparks mini-series with Deliveroo

      Having a great time binge-watching DBS Sparks. At the same time, waiting for my Deliveroo order. DBS Sparks is a mini-series that follows a group of young bankers trying to go above and beyond when solving clients challenges and problems. Though the series, DBS hopes to show the true meaning of banking. Inspired by true stories, I get to see how bankers work the extra miles to help customers to achieve their dreams. You guys should totally should catch it out! Additionally, I am giving away 2 x $30 worth of Deliveroo credits. To enter this giveaway: 1. Follow @zatayayummy on Instagram 2. Comment about what inspired you after watching…

  • Hong Ray Photography
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    Portrait Shoot with Hong Ray Photography

    Last month, I had the opportunity to get my portraits shot by Hong Ray. Hong Ray is a photographer that enjoys his job as photography is his passion. He is a great guy and also very professional in his field as I was able to be comfortable instantly. Let me be very honest with you guys, I can’t pull off those very macho looks at all. But, what I can was to portray my very own identity. Hong Ray was to identify what I am suitable and bring out the very best of me! I don’t feel pressured at all and was able to do my job well. When you are looking…

  • Sanrio Hello Kitty Town - Puteri Harbour

    Hello Kitty Town Puteri Harbour (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

    Hello Kitty lovers should check out Sanrio Hello Kitty Town at Puteri Harbour, Malaysia. If you are traveling together as a family, I highly recommend you to get the “All Park Pass” which lets you enter not only Hello Kitty Town but also Thomas Town and all other characters activities. Rides here are pretty simple and suitable for younger kids too. A cute fun activity you could with your family is to take the Tea Cup Rides in Hello Kitty Town. I’m sure your kids will be intrigued by the fairytale-like ride! They also have hands-on activities! Here in Wishful Studio, You get to make your own Hello Kitty themed…

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    Portico Host – Instagrammable Weekend Brunch (Labrador Park MRT)

    If you are looking for a perfect weekend brunch with your family and friends, you have come the right place! Portico Host has recently launched their new brunch menu! Only available during the weekends so make sure to check it out. Not only that you get to chose an array of specialty dishes from their new menu, the place is also insta worthy!  Craving a good classic french toast? You can try out their Brioche French Thick Toast here at Portico Host. Served with their in-house Mixed Berries Comport, you really can feel that the difference between ready-made syrup and homemade style. If you ain’t a berry fan, you also…

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    The Twenty Cavan @ Cavan Rd (Lavender MRT)

    Located at Cavan Road, the.twenty.cavan is a new restaurant & bar that features Asian Fusion dishes that are certainly special and unique. The interior is based on a rustic theme and you will certainly feel like a hipster when dining in there. Yet, you will still get that exquisite feel. Though the restaurant focuses on serving a wide variety of beers and wines, I wasn’t feeling good so I opted for their non-alcoholic drinks instead. Spicy Mango was recommended by one of their bartenders and I certainly pleased with that. Served with fresh mint leaves and mangoes, it was very refreshing and revitalizing. However, the mango cubes will a little on the tart side. Still, it…