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Fruit Punch with Jelly| Summer Party Series

IMG_0349_editedThis is a easy refreshing drink that is great for Summer Party. It looks good if you have a glass jug pitcher. With your choice of your favorite carbonated drink (eg. Sprite or Club Soda etc), the fruits really bring out the fruity revitalizing of the whole drink and make it pleasantly satisfying.  

IMG_0357_editedYou can use a variety of fresh fruits you want. I used strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and mangos. It was really delicious!
IMG_0361_editedI like to make it extra special and adding some jelly topping to each cup and garnish them with mint leaves. Yummy!

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Fruit Punch
Refreshing carbonated fruit punch
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  1. Choice of carbonated drink. (eg. Sprite or Club Soda)
  2. Fresh fruits
  3. Mint
  4. Jelly (eg. Agar Agar)
  1. Combine them together in a jar pitcher and serve them cool right away.
  2. Garish them with extra fruits and jelly.
  1. Refills can be made, just fill it up again.

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