Sweet Treats

Sweet Treat

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  • Ivy Chee

    Dear Zonghan
    Thank you for your selfless sharing of recipe in your website. I am an amateur baker and I love watching your youtube videos to keep me going. However, I have a small question to ask you. May i ask what is white sugar and fine white sugar mention in your recipe? Do you mean castor sugar or fine sugar which I can commonly fine in Phoon Huat?

    Would you be going macaron? I would be looking forward to your new bakes 🙂


    • Zong Han Chua

      Hi Ivy Chee, Thank you so much for your support. For most people, white sugar and fine white sugar in baking refers to castor sugar. But for me, I find that the size of the sugar crystals between castor sugar and normal white fine sugar isn’t any much different. Yet, the prices are so much in different. (If you were to bake that much you will notice the differences in prices) So for me, I used normal fine white sugar for all my recipes.

      Hope that helps! Happy baking! 🙂

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